Exhition identity
art direction


Wishes 2021 written by Marguerite Humeau

Martin Margiela curated by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel

Marguerite Humeau & Jean-Marie Appriou curated by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel

Closer Music Festival 2021 & 2022 curated by Etienne Blanchot

Échelle Humaine curated by Amélie Coster

Image direction Alice Gavin Services™
Art direction Alice Gavin Design assistant Jade Randon
with Léonard Méchineau, Moritz Tibes, Pierre Antoine, Axell Katomba

Creative direction

Image direction Alice Gavin Services™️ 
Movement direction (LA)HORDE 
Video François Quillacq and Axell Katomba 
Style Andrej Skok 
Vestiaire : costumes archives Ballet National De Marseille and Y/Project archives
Featured on A Magazine Curated By

Print design

Limited edition of 300 for House of innovation Paris opening.

Institutional identity
art direction


Direction image Alice Gavin Services™
Alice Gavin with jade Randon, Nassim Bouaza, Bye Bye Binary, Méric Chaperon, Alexandre Contini, Virgile Flores, Simon Gérard, Fanny Hamelin, Alexis Dandreis

Digital campaign, editorial design
art direction


Direction Image Alice Gavin Services™
avec François Quillacq, Maxime Bony, Ethan Assouline, Moritz Tibes, Natsumie Ebiko, Léonard Méchineau, Lu Philippe Guilmette, Thomas Santos, Cécile Exbrayat, Flavie Terracol, Cécile Paravina

creative direction

Photo direction Alice Gavin Services™

art direction Alice Gavin with guests artists Beaude Studio, Margot Bérard & Robin El Koubi, Boris Camaca, Louise Desnos, Pedro Ferreira, Alma Libera, Léonard Méchineau, Kito Muñoz, Robin Plus, Léo Penven, Nicolas Poillot, François Quillacq, CG Watkins, Harley Weir, Axell Katomba, Héloise Bouchot, Laëtitia Gimenez, Salomé Poloudenny, Thomas Santos, Andrej Skok, Beatrice Bonino, Caroline Curdy, Sati Leonne Faulks, Clément Billon, Natsumi Ebiko, Théana Giraudet, Ruby Glossy, Charlie Le Mindu, Flavie Terracol, Hugo Villard

in partnership with A magazine Curated by, Rituals, Temple magazine, Gala, Tank magazine, 90antiope, Villa Noailles

featuring the dancers from Ballet national de Marseille direction (LA)HORDE

Album covers

Cosha Mt Pleasure

Design Alice Gavin Services™
Photo Roger Weiss
Style Ella Lucia

Lap dance feat. Shygirl
Berlin Air
Hot Tub
No kink in the Wire

performance identity
art direction

Image Direction Alice Gavin Services™
with Virgile Flores Boris Camaca Salomé Poloudenny Léonard Méchineau
Video teaser by Ballet national de Marseille dir. (LA)HORDE

Perfomance idendity
Art direction

Image direction Alice Gavin Services™
Art direction Alice Gavin design development Jade Randon
captured by Robin Plus featuring the dancers from Ballet national de Marseille direction (LA)HORDE
Production Ballet national de Marseille, Théâtre du Châtelet, Théatre de la Ville

Choregraphic piece by Lucinda Childs, Tania Carvalho, Oona Doherty, Lasseindra Ninja Concept (LA)HORDE

Fashion, contemporary art
Editorial design

Creative direction Florence Tétier, Jeanne Salomé Rochat
Art direction Alice Gavin with Valentin Bigel
Fashion editor Georgia Pendlebury
Design Alice Gavin, Valentin Bigel, Florence Tétier, Kim Saskia Alaux
Video Ethan Assouline



Logo, print designs for Neith Nyer AW 21 and Artisanal 2022

Movie opening and closing credits

Design by Alice Gavin Services™
Directed by (LA)HORDE Written by Spike Jonze
Music by Rone at Infine Dop by Zack Spiger

Costume by Léopold Duchemin, with the support of Balenciaga, Edited by Jeff Bruchmanan, Edouard Mailaender Colorist by Stefan Sonnenfeld

Produced MJZ David Zander, Helen Kenny, Eriks Krumins, Nerimen Hadrami, Ballet national de Marseille, Amy T.Hu

Featuring the dancers of Ballet national de Marseille and BNM team

digital direction
branded collection
art direction

Ballet national de Marseille dir. (LA)HORDE
Twin Brains
Nelson Beer
Amours Solitaires
curated mugs with ceramic artist Éléonore Joulin

photos by Léonard Méchineau, Helène Tchen, Svet Chassol